Rangitikei Free Range Chicken

Naturally Free Range

With access to fresh air and sunshine, Rangitikei chickens are free to roam and enjoy their farm life in the fresh New Zealand air. Our farmers take great pride in providing their chickens with a high standard of welfare and quality of life.

At Rangitikei we are committed to farming practices that put the welfare of our chickens first. We believe in being completely transparent about what we do, always producing the highest quality products.

Rangitikei Chickens are Free Range
Rangitikei Chickens are Free Range

Our promise to you is that we will always ensure that our animals are treated with care and proudly raised by our New Zealand Free Range farmers.

Rangitikei free range chicken is tender and delicious with no artificial flavours, ingredients, colours or preservatives.  Raised free range in New Zealand with no added hormones, you can trust Rangitikei to deliver authentic great tasting chicken.

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